Managed Services

Datastew offers businesses piece of mind and control of their budget. Our Managed Services product allows your company to pay one predictable monthly fee for all of your IT services. With Datastew’s Managed Services offerings you will have an entire IT Team focused on your network, often for less than the cost of a full time person. By smoothing out the month-to-month fluctuations in IT services cost, you can predictably budget your IT expenses.

Our Managed Services clients enjoy:

  • 24x7x365 network monitoring
  • Proactive network maintenance
  • Rapid remote assistance
  • On Site visits
  • Vendor Management
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual reports and updates

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V.O.I.P Telephony

(Voice Over Internet Protocol) Are the features you want missing in your current system? Tired of spending more and more money to maintain your old phone systems? VOIP (Voice over IP) phone systems are one of the hottest areas for upgrades for small businesses. The race to VOIP is under way, the technology and features are affordable and ready to go.

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Network Security

Network Security used to be just a firewall. These days, threats are coming in from every vector. Datastew offers a wide array of security services including system evaluations, audits, DNS hardening, user awareness training, managed firewalls and network design.

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System Overhauls

Do you have old systems that need updating but your staff is short on time or skill sets? Do you have IT projects that have been in the planning stages too long? Getting projects done is our specialty.

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